2021/22 Mona Vale Nippers Season

Mona Vale Nippers

Thanks for being part of the Mona Vale Nippers Season for 2021 – 2022. Despite the challenges of El Nina, tsunami warnings and the Omnicron variant, all age groups have had fun, learnt some new skills and made some new friends.

Last Day 2021-2022 Nippers: Sunday 13th March.

Registrations for the 2022/23 season will open in June. Registrations may only be made online. Watch this space for updates following the Easter break.

Why Join Mona Vale Nippers

We aim to promote an interest in Surf Lifesaving activities. We teach children water safety and encourage them through fun & good competition.
Nippers is an activity-based program run to educate young children about surf safety and awareness when visiting a beach. The nipper program also offers participants the opportunity to meet a new set of friends whilst they are being challenged in activities controlled within a learning environment. The Mona Vale Nippers program is held during the summer period on Sunday mornings.

  • Instruction in surf safety and surf awareness – SLSA does not provide swim lessons as part of Nipper programs, however this season, Mona Vale SLSC will be piloting a ‘Surf Swim’ program, outside of regular Nipper activities
  • Lifesaving and first aid skill development
  • Competitive sport activities
  • Platform to senior patrolling and surf life saver duties
  • To increase fitness and be involved in an active lifestyle
  • Enjoyable social activity for children and their parents/guardians.

How to Join Mona Vale Nippers

New members are invited to join Mona Vale SLSC, subject to the approval of the Management Committee. All new members are required to create a member’s account with SLSA and submit an online application to join. Please refer to Members Portal for information on how to create a Members Area Account.

If a member wants to register an entire family, the Primary member (e.g. mother or father) can create a Members Area Account, then create a Family Group and register all members of the family in one transaction. This is optional but it eliminates the need for every member of the family to have their own Members Area account. Please refer to the How to Guides in the Members Portal to learn how to set up a Family Group.

Nippers’ membership covers children 5 – 14 years. Membership for up to two parents/guardians is included in the registration fee.

Please note children must have obtained the age of 5 years by the 30th of September before they can become a Nipper member. However, a child may commence after they have attained the age of 5 years but under SLSA requirements must stay in the U6s age group for the following year. Please email proof of age identification to the Registrar.

If you would like further information please contact Nippers Chairman or Nippers Registrar. For information on Nipper Carnivals for competitors please contact Junior Carnival Manager.

Important Information for Mona Vale Nippers

  • Mona Vale Nippers is on every Sunday starting on 10th October.
  • All age groups (under 6's to under 13's) start at 9.00am, finishing around 10.30 – 10.45am.
  • Parents are required to attend weekly attendance/registration and listen for announcements 10 minutes prior to the session starting.
  • Please bring your Nippers uniform (compulsory Nipper Cap and High Vis Vest), a towel, water bottle and sunscreen. Wetsuits are welcome if the water is a little cold. And don't forget a lovely smile, a positive helpful attitude and lots of enthusiasm!
  • If the weather conditions are not looking favourable, a decision to cancel will be made by 8.00am on the day. A text message and email will be sent to your registered contact details. Please confirm your details on the member’s portal to ensure you receive these messages. Please note, we have access to the Basin area of Mona Vale beach that provides significant protection for adverse surf conditions.

Membership – Joining/Renewal/Fees


  • Participation in the Nippers program requires membership with Surf Life Saving Australia.
  • All membership applications must be completed online, see How to Join.
  • A child membership must be accompanied by an adult membership – this is a parent or legal guardian.
  • Proof of Age is required for all members including children e.g. birth certificate, passport, driver’s license.
  • Membership provides insurance under SLSA and enables access to Club equipment and activities such as Boards.
  • Family memberships are available where there is more than 1 participating child.
  • Membership applications are processed in accordance with Mona Vale SLSC & SLSA guidelines.

If you’ve got more questions about Membership please refer to the Members Guide.


  • Thanks for coming back for another season with us at Mona Vale.
  • All renewals must be completed online. Renew your Membership here.

See you back on the beach!


  • Fees for Nippers are determined by the type of membership you take up, see the Membership Fees.
  • NSW Active Kids Vouchers are accepted. Mona Vale is an approved provider of the NSW Government Active Kids Program. Learn  more about the Active Kids Voucher and how to use your $100 voucher towards your membership fee.
    Please note using the Active Kids voucher is a one time opportunity at the time of registration it cannot be applied at a later point in time.
    Vouchers cannot be ‘cut & pasted’, voucher details must be entered without spaces.

Mona Vale Nippers Season Calendar

Please continue to check the nippers season calendar on the website throughout the year. You’ll find details about Club Championship rounds, Carnivals and Christmas breaks, which will all keep you up to date with what’s happening at your Surf Club.

Download the Season Calendar.


At Mona Vale SLSC Nippers, we aim to promote an interest in Surf Lifesaving activities. We teach children water safety and encourage them through fun & good competition.

Surf Life Saving (SLS) is the platform from which surf sports is based. All competitors are expected to attend and participate in regular Sunday activities, and fulfil their training and SLS obligations as a prerequisite to their competition. Mutual respect between competitors (and families) of all disciplines encourages participation and support throughout the club.

The focus on junior development, and the loyalty of its competitors allowing for a long term approach to development and thus ensuring long term success and growth of the club.

Mona Vale Nippers | Frequently Asked Questions

Nippers is a great family & community activity which is packed full of fun for children and adults alike.


Gaining confidence in the surf and becoming ‘surf aware’ are key components of the weekly activities culminating in a surf award and certificate at the end of the season. The Nipper Program also offers participants the opportunity to meet a new set of friends whilst they are being challenged in activities controlled within a learning environment. Participation in the Nippers program provides the following;

  • Instruction in surf safety and surf awareness
  • Marine environment education
  • Lifesaving and first aid skill development
  • Increasing fitness levels and involvement in an active lifestyle
  • Community involvement and socialisation skills
  • Platform to senior patrolling duties


Regular activities include beach sprints and relays, swimming, beach flags, tug-o-war, boards and iron person events. Week to week activities are led by volunteer Age Managers – let us know if you’d like to help out!


In order to support a safe water environment, children who participate in water activities are required to complete an age group evaluation. These are completed on the beach during routine Nipper programs and are finalised by Week 4 of the season. See “Nipper Proficiencies” for more details.


For those nippers interested in competition, the program also introduces children to Surf Life Saving events with a series of Club Championships and Carnivals held across the season which provide the opportunity to compete on the beach or in the water against other children from surf clubs from around the region.


Additionally, being part of a surf life saving club is a stepping stone to becoming a Patrolling Member. For details on completing training courses starting with the SRC (Surf Rescue Certificate) and Bronze Medallion see the Training Courses.


Living in Australia water and surf skills are essential, so come on down to Mona Vale and join in the fun!

Nippers is on regardless of gloomy weather. Only lightening keeps us off the beach. We have access to the Basin area of Mona Vale beach that provides significant protection for adverse surf conditions.


In the event Nippers is cancelled for the morning a group communication will be issued via an SMS/Text message through the SLSA SurfGuard database platform. Adults who hold club membership will receive this communication.

Age Groups are determined as at midnight 30th September 2021. Please see below for a break down of which age group your child will be registered to. You can register a child for Nippers if they turn 5 by 30 September 2021.


Age GroupBirthdate between these dates
Under 61st October 2015 to 30th September 2016
Under 71st October 2014 to 30th September 2015
Under 81st October 2013 to 30th September 2014
Under 91st October 2012 to 30th September 2013
Under 101st October 2011 to 30th September 2012
Under 111st October 2010 to 30th September 2011
Under 121st October 2009 to 30th September 2010
Under 131st October 2008 to 30th September 2009
Under 141st October 2007 to 30th September 2008

To participate in water activities we need to provide your child with a safe environment. In order to do that we need to understand how your child manages an open water experience. At the commencement of the season we conduct preliminary evaluations where we look for capabilities which meet the age group requirement.


Nippers is not a forum for learning to swim, but rather a platform for building surf safety on top of pre-existing water skills.


Please see below the National Standard for preliminary and competition skill evaluations (blue table).


Preliminary evaluations are conducted across three stages and are completed by Week 4 of the season (red tables).


Mona Vale SLSC does not accept evaluation letters from external sources e.g. swim schools.


Click on each image to enlarge.

The Nippers uniform is a requirement for participation in our Sunday program.

Caps are coloured to differentiate the newest members of our club as those needing a little more supervision and development support (yellow) against our older age groups (green & white).

High visibility fluoro pink rash shirts complete the uniform and again are mandatory for participation.


The club also offers other clothing items ranging from swimmers, shorts and shirts right through to hats/caps and towels.


For uniform details and pricing please click visit the MVSLSC Shop.

As a voluntary organisation we need your help.


Growing the next generation of surf life savers who understand team-work, the importance of surf skills and a respect for the environment, comes from you.


We have lots of smiling and engaged parent helpers assisting with Age Management duties, Administration tasks, and Water Safety but could always do with an extra pair of hands. If you’d like to support the Nipper Program & Surf Club in any capacity, please ask your Age Manager how you can get involved.

We need you to assist with set-up and pack-down each week.

This enables the program to start on time and to ensure all age groups have an opportunity to participate in a broad range of activities. The tasks are easy and include running out sprint lanes, setting up the flag pit and creating an obstacle course thoroughly enjoyed by our U6’s. A rotational roster is pushed out by your Age Managers to plan for the coming week.

Yes - We need you on the beach while your child is participating.

Your child needs your encouraging smile, that water bottle you are holding, and to see you in the breakers waving them into the surf.

Parent participation makes Nippers a great experience for everyone and means that 11 o’clock coffee tastes extra good!

A smile, some enthusiasm and a positive helpful attitude!

Your child needs a towel, water bottle, sunscreen, a healthy snack, and complete Nipper uniform (cap & rash shirt).

Wetsuits are able to be worn for those children who ‘feel the cold’.

Shower and changing amenities are available.

Sure can! Mona Vale is an inclusive surf club where we welcome all members of any community to make an application and join us for some fun on the sand and in the water.

Yes! Club Transfers are processed in accordance with Mona Vale SLSC & SLSA guidelines. Please note, Mona Vale SLSC fees are payable even if you transfer mid-way through the season.

  • Go to the Surf Lifesaving Portal.
  • If you have not registered for access to the Portal.
  • Select Memberships > Transfers > Join/Transfer to a new organisation.
  • Enter the requested information.
  • Wait for the club to complete the approval process.
  • Follow the instructions above to Renew Nippers Membership.

These are parents and members of our community who volunteer to lead an age group for the season. The role is often shared between club members as we understand sometimes there are competing commitments in our lives.


All Age Managers hold current Working with Children certificates and have completed the Age Managers course, and then move on to become ‘Endorsed Age Managers’. They rely on your participation as a parent to help rally the children, support, encourage and cheer them on as they jump into activities sometime for the very first time.

Complete the Working with Children certificate now if you don’t hold a current certificate, and at season commencement complete the Age Managers Course, and process to become an ‘Endorsed Age Manager’. Mona Vale has many long serving volunteers who are always on hand to answer questions and provide advice about how best to approach a Sunday session.

Children are grouped as per Surf Life Saving Association guidelines (please see the question: What age group will my child be in?).

Grouping by age means children with similar levels of ability will learn together and support each other to attempt new tasks such as diving under a wave or learning to paddle a board.

Grouping by age also means the children are supported through age-appropriate activities and not extended beyond a reasonable level. They are challenged together, learn together, and celebrate their successes together.

Mona Vale no longer supports the moving of children between age groups.