Child Safety

Child Safety and the SLSA Child Safe Policy 6.04

Mona Vale takes seriously its responsibility to deliver a safe, fair and inclusive environment for children and young people involved in Surf Lifesaving. Mona Vale promotes equity, respect and diversity by:

  • creating and maintaining a child safe culture that is understood, endorsed and put into action to protect our young members
  • actively anticipating our young members’ diverse circumstances and responding effectively to those with additional vulnerabilities.
  • empowering our young members by giving them a voice and encouraging them to speak up on decisions that affect them; creating a fun and positive environment whilst providing them access to information and support.
  • Paying attention to our young members who come from culturally diverse backgrounds, anyone who has identified as LGBTIQ and understanding the needs of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members. Mona Vale is committed to keeping our young members safe from abuse and neglect.

Mona Vale appoints an individual to the role of Child Protection Officer (“CPO”) who is there for members should they encounter any issues. The Child Protection Officer is responsible for ensuring the implementation and review of all child protection activities at the club. This includes receiving and acting upon any reported concerns for the welfare of our young members and promoting best safeguarding practice. The Child Protection Officer is also a member of the Welfare and Support team to provide support not just to the children, but any member of the club. The CPO will act as an independent person, acting in the interests of the member. Your CPO for the 23/24 season is Michelle Fry and Megan Frost.

Email Michelle at

All members within Mona Vale, regardless of role or level of responsibility, must act to keep our young members safe from any bullying, abuse or general harm. They do this by adopting the practices and behaviour SLSA has set as its standard when carrying out their roles, and reporting any concerning behaviours or reasonable belief of abuse or neglect of which they become aware to the MPIO at or any Person in Position of Authority in the club. 

NSW Working with Children Check (WWCC)

Mona Vale has a strong interest in keeping children safe. As a club, we comply with the Child Protection legislation where all members in child-related roles are required to have a WWCC.

The WWCC is managed by the Office of the Children’s Guardian (OCG) and involves a national criminal history check and review of findings of workplace misconduct. The result of a WWCC is either a clearance to work with children for five years, or a bar against working with children. Cleared applicants are subject to ongoing monitoring, and relevant new records may lead to the clearance being revoked.

All NSW Surf Life Saving (SLS) members and employees (over the age of 18years) require a WWWCC from April 2015 if they are undertaking a child-related role. However, whilst there are a number of exemptions, which are explained here in Child Protection and the NSW Working With Children Check guidelines, we do ask all active members to provide the club with their WWCC.

Mona Vale & SLSA: Rights & Responsibilities

Mona Vale’s young members, leaders and the organisation reserve certain rights as members and carry with them certain responsibilities. Young Members have the right:
  • to be safe;
  • to be listened to;
  • to be respected;
  • to privacy;
  • to take calculated risks in a protective environment;
  • to an inclusive environment;
  • to be referred to professional help if needed;
  • to be protected from abuse by other members or outside sources.
Young members are responsible for:
  • Showing respect to other young members and SLSA leaders;
  • Keeping themselves safe;
  • Accurately report inappropriate behaviour or risky situations for youth members
Mona Vale leaders have the right to:
  • access to ongoing training and information on all aspects of leading/managing surf lifesaving activities for youths, particularly member protection;
  • support in the reporting of suspected abuse;
  • access to professional support services;
  • fair and equitable treatment by SLSA according to SLSA
Mona Vale leaders are responsible for:
  • fostering team work to ensure the safety of young members in their care;
  • using appropriate team management behaviour;
  • responding to youth members’ statements concerns about alleged abuse;
  • ensuring the rights and responsibilities of youth members are enforced;
  • reporting suspected abuse to the appropriate SLSA authority;
  • not abusing members physically, emotionally or sexually;
  • maintaining confidentiality about sensitive information as designated by the appropriate SLSA authority.

SLSA Reporting Guidelines

All Mona Vale SLSC members have a responsibility to speak up if they become aware of, or observe something considered inappropriate. Please contact our club’s MPIO, Brad Newton or follow the guidelines below.

All reports submitted will be treated in absolute confidence and with the utmost respect for all those involved.

Other Information

In addition to SLSA current policies no member shall post or share any information or photography on a social media platform or talk to the media of any first aid or major incidents on patrol or during SLS and club event unless approved by QSLSC president or Deputy President.