UPDATED 25/03/2020

Please note that the directive from SLSNSW is that:

“In summary, the SLSNSW Board position is that patrolling continues in a reduced format and structure commensurate with risk, until the cessation of the season.

This however is not possible without the support and availability of the membership. If the patrolling membership are of the position that they are not comfortable in fulfilling this patrolling obligation in this current COVID-19 environment, then they are under no obligation or direction, and it is a club and member decision. However, this decision needs to be communicated to the respective Branch and SurfCom.”

Some of the important information:

Northern Beaches Council beaches will remain open.

SLSNSW Board decision to continue patrols until the cessation of the 2019/20 patrolling season with the following recommendations:

SLSNSW’s commitment to the 2019/20 season will remain. However SLSNSW strongly recommend;
    • Patrols revert to 3 Bronze members only with appropriate awards (see note of award requirements below)
    • Patrol Captains wherever possible should attempt to maintain a patrolled (flagged) swimming area. Patrol captains have the discretion to withdraw patrols and instigate a surveillance patrol if volunteers are concerned about their own safety, irrespective of the number of people on the beach
    • All equipment be ‘rescue ready’
    • Club access is restricted to patrol members operating on their actual patrol day only
    • Safety precautions for responses to first aid and rescue incidents have been enhanced and updated
    • The 500-person social distancing parameter imposed will be enforced within your primary patrolling area.
    • Patrols are NOT to resume if numbers fall back below 500 people.
    • Hygiene practices whilst on patrol and after patrols
    • All other surf club activities be postponed and access to the surf club restricted.

Further SLSNSW recommends, Clubs limit patrolling numbers to consist of members who are proficient in the following minimum qualifications listed below:
    • 3 x Bronze Medallion qualified members
    • 1 x Silver Medallion Beach Management*
    • 1 x Advanced Resuscitation Techniques*
    • 1 x Silver Medallion IRB Driver*
    • 1 x IRB Crew*
*SLSNSW recommends that wherever possible the above qualifications should be held collectively by the 3 x Bronze Medallion qualified members as long as the same person does not hold both IRB Driver and Crew positions.

SNB notes that it is a requirement to carry a laden IRB is 4 personnel with 2 required to launch. Clubs are utilising trailers and SSV’s to transport their IRB’s to the water’s edge but please advise Branch if you require any further assistance with this.

The above is a recommendation from SLSNSW.

Branch will also aim at having additional support ski’s on the water along with other support operations.


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