Editorial Policy

This is the public face of Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club, so it’s very important that the website presents the club and it’s members in a professional and respectful manner.

Contributors to the site, and editors, should be aware of the following key points:

  • The site is divided into two main areas – public information available to everyone; and ‘member-only’ areas (such as the patrol-swap forum), which are only visible to club members who have logged in using their user-name and password
  • ‘Pages’ are used for important information – rules and regulations, background info on the club, for example – which usually stays quite static; while ‘posts’ are used for news articles or more topical information, which is liable to go out of date soon
  • Respect members’ privacy – private information such as phone numbers, email addresses and other personal information should never be included on public facing pages – contact information should only be displayed on ‘member only’ pages 
  • Photographs used on the site should show members dressed in official SLSC uniform and protective gear; conversely photographs which show members incorrectly dressed while on patrol – or using equipment incorrectly – should be avoided.
  •  All new articles or posts should be ‘shared’ to our official social media channels (Twitter and Facebook) to engage the maximum audience – this can be done when the article is ready for publication; however, not all content from social media channels is suitable for this website and discretion should be applied