2018 Junior Club Championships

2018 Junior Club Championships

All Nippers are encouraged to participate in the 2018 Junior Club Championships this Sunday, 4th November.

The Junior Club Championships give each age group an opportunity to pitch their skills in the surf and on the beach against other club members. It also gives all 8’s to U13’s a taste of what happens at Competitor Carnivals. The day will start with beach activities, before getting wet in the water events.

Age group start times:

  • Under 8, 9, 10’s muster at 7.45am for a 8am start
  • 11, 12 & 13’s muster at 8.15am for a 8.30am start
  • Under 6 & 7’s start at 9.30am as usual.

Round 2 of the Junior Club Championships will be held on Sunday 2 December.

Refer to The Junior Club Championships Program below to show the start times for each age group activity.

IMPORTANT NOTE for Nippers who are currently participating ‘up or down’ their correct age group.

In accordance with Carnival AND Club Championship competition conditions :

    • Any Nipper participating in an OLDER age group, can be included in Club Championship results.
    • Any Nipper participating in a younger age group than their age, have the following choices :
        1. Shift to the correct Age Group for Club Championships to participate in all activities, with a chance to be placed.
        2. Remain in the younger Age group, but please note that this Nipper can only participate in Water activities. Due to the ‘knock out’ nature of the beach events the Nipper cannot participate these activities.


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