Why join Nippers at Mona Vale?

There are many reasons to get your kids to join the Nippers at Mona Vale, including:

  • Instruction in surf safety & surf awareness
  • Lifesaving & first aid skill development
  • Competitive sport activities
  • Platform to senior patrolling duties
  • To increase fitness and be involved in an active lifestyle
  • Enjoyable social activity for children & parents

How to join Nippers
Rego day will be held on the 10th of September 2017 – 8am till 3pm.

Nipper membership covers children 5 – 14 years as well as up to two parents/guardians. Membership for parents/guardians is included in the registration fee. Each adult competes a Membership form and a Working with Children Volunteer Declaration. There must be at least one adult registered.

All new members (adults and children) must provide proof of age such as a birth certificate, passport or license at time of registration.

If you would like further information please contact:

If you would like further information on Nipper Carnivals for competitors, please contact:

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