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Welcome to the members area. You will need to create a new user name and password for the new members area. You must use your email address that is also recorded in surf guard.

We hope you can find information quickly and easily. If you need anything further or have any suggested content for the site, please contact your club Secretary:

Please make sure you follow us on Facebook and read the weekly newsletters. Links are found on the left of the page. Mona Vale Ales on Fridays at the club. Come down and socialize and enjoy the view!

Have you paid your membership fees? 

You can renewal via the SLS Portal link below. To renew – Login to your Members Portal account, select the Lifesaving Online tab and select Renew next to the organisation you want to renew.

Are you proficient?

For more details please contact:

Members who were unable to complete their annual skills assessment prior to 31/12/2017 must apply in writing to the Branch Director of Lifesaving for approval to complete a late proficiency.  Applications must come from the Club, not the individual. 

If the member is a competitor, branch endorsed applications will be forwarded to SLSNSW for consideration.

Typically, approval is only granted to those members who have a valid reason for not completing their proficiency prior to the deadline.

Members are covered by Workers Compensation – SLSNSW for patrolling, club activities and competition. 

SLS Members portal

Did you know using the SLS Members portal allows you to access your membership details, renew your membership and check your patrol status and much more. If you have problems please let us know at:


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