Member categories and fees

Membership Fees for 2016/17 Season

Active, Active Reserve, long Service: $100

Life Members:   $0

Associate:   $55
(with Seniors Card)

Associate:  $110

Cadet/Junior:   $75

All age categories are determined at midnight on 30 September.

Junior Activity Nippers have DOB after 30 Sep 2002 (i.e. be under 14) and must be at least 5 years old.

Family Membership Fees:

Family Membership 1:   $160

1 Nipper and up to 2 parents/guardians as general members or 1 general and 1 senior.

Family membership 2:   $210

2 or more Nippers plus up to 2 parents or guardians (general, active, active reserve or long service members) plus the membership of dependent children as cadets, juniors or active members.

Additional General Membership is $40 for extra parents/guardians.

NOTE: There must be minimum of one parent or guardian registered for each Nipper.

For members undertaking training additional fees are as follows:

SRC:  $75 (with no qualification)

Bronze Medallion for a current SRC:   $75

Bronze Medallion:   $150

Member Categories

For membership purposes, ages are determined at midnight 30 September.  Our membership  categories are:

Active Senior (18yrs plus): Age 18 or over active surf lifesavers (either are a lifesaver or have decided to train to become one).  Members must have a proficient bronze medallion and do patrols.

Active (15 – 18yrs): Active life savers but under 18.  Members must have a proficient bronze medallion and do patrols

Cadet (Under 15): These members gain their Surf Rescue Certificate to allow them to become a Cadet Lifesaver and do patrols. They then train to become fully qualified surf lifesavers.  There is no need for a parent to register.   Members who are Under 14 need to register as Nippers and have a parent registered as well.

Active Reserve: These members have satisfactorily patrolled for over 8 years consecutively, or 10 years (broken) and as such, are only required to do a minimum number of patrols each season.

Long Service: These members have undertaken a total of 10 years satisfactory full patrolling (or 8 years of full patrols and 4 years Reserve Active patrols and are no longer required to do patrols (but are welcome to continue patrolling).

Life Member: A special prestigious category of membership reserved for those who are honoured in recognition of many years of ongoing commitment to the Club. Nominees for this category are discussed and voted on at the Club’s Annual General Meeting