New Members

Mona Vale SLSC Online Membership Process

New members are invited to join Mona Vale SLSC, subject to the approval of the Management Committee. All new members are required to create a member’s account with SLSA and submit an online application to join. Please refer to Members Portal for information on how to create a Members Area Account.

  1. Join Mona Vale SLSC online here today
  2. Once a new online membership application is submitted for an individual or a family, a confirmation window will display that includes your new member’s unique tracking ID.
  3. New members will be sent a confirmation email that includes a link to check the progress of the application. The new member’s application will be relayed to Mona Vale SLSC for approval.
  4. Once the pending member request has been submitted to the club, a link is sent to allow members to create a family group. This request will also be sent to Mona Vale SLSC for approval.
  5. Next new members who have submitted the online form are required to pay the membership fee.
  6. Prior to final approval new members must provide scanned IDs for individuals and/or all family members. Please email all IDs to the Registrar.

New members will not be registered until the membership application is completed online, IDs received and fees paid.

Please refer to the SLSA’s Join/Rejoin User Guide for more information on how to join Mona Vale SLSC online.

Active Kids Voucher

Mona Vale SLSC is an approved provider of the NSW Government Active Kids Program. For more information about how to use your $100 Active Kids Voucher towards your membership fee visit the SLSC website or refer to the Step By Step Guide and email your voucher to the Registrar.