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New Clubhouse

Thank you to everyone that attended the presentation of the architectural concept plans last night.  It was fantastic to see so many members interested, engaged and enthusiastic about our new club. It is exciting to think our new clubhouse is becoming reality.
Unfortunately I had to run off to a Branch meeting, however after a night of sleep and a chance to digest the new plans, I’m sure everyone has more feedback and questions.
As stated last night the process to date has been very exhaustive and thorough. Many of the outcomes have been reached through  long discussion which often included the consideration of other outside factors.
I am available to answer and receive feedback from everyone, and I will contact some people today to provide further explanation on some of last night’s questions.  You can see the Council document on the new clubhouse here:
Please send me an email with your questions/feedback and phone number.  Depending on the amount of questions, I will call back, otherwise I will host a follow up forum at the clubhouse.
Bryce Munro 

Notice of Meeting – AGM


Notice of Meeting

The 96th Annual General Meeting of Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club will be held at the Club House, Mona Vale Beach on Sunday 5th August 2018 at 2:30pm.


  1. Attendance and Apologies
  2. Welcome to guests and life members
  3. Confirmation of the Minutes of the 95th Annual General Meeting (draft minutes were reviewed by the Management Committee, are on the website and will be available at the meeting.
  4. Adoption of the 96th Annual Report
  5. Adoption of Financial Statements for the 2017/18 Season (full copies of the audited accounts will be available for inspection at the meeting. An extract is given in this Annual Report)
  6. Notice of Motion: Moved by Paula Tocquer and seconded by Bryce Munro that affiliation be sought for the 2018/19 season with Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches, Surf Life Saving New South Wales, and Surf Life Saving Australia. Further, that the articles, constitution, by-laws, regulations and resolutions, together with the awards and equipment of Surf Life Saving Australia Limited and/or affiliated state/ territory centres and/or Branches, be accepted without reservation.
  7. Life Membership: TBA – Moved by—–and seconded by ——- that ————-be nominated as a life member of Mona Vale SLSC.
  8. Distinguished Service Awards Nominations: TBA
  9. Adoption of the proposed Fees for 2018/18

Please join the President and the new office bearers for a drink at the bar after the meeting.