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Proficiency Dates


This year we are short of IRB crew and drivers as well as First Aid awards and BBM.  Our draft award timetable is given at the end of this note.  Remember to look at your proficiency requirements on your member account at

Please contact the following people to register your interest. 

Please help the training team to help you by registering early for:-

Sunday, 26 November 2017 11:00AM ARTC Proficiency
Sunday, 26 November 2017 11:30AM Last Bronze/SRC  Proficiency
Sunday, 7 January 2018 8:30AM Crash Bronze Starts
Tuesday November 28 9am, limit of 8 contact Ross James 
Saturday December 9 2pm, limit of 24 – contact Steve Miles

Sunday December 10 9am, limit of 24 – contact Steve Miles

There are no competition proficiencies after December 31.

Please contact:

Glenn Smee:

Members who were unable to complete their annual skills assessment prior to 31/12/2016 must apply in writing to the Branch Director of Lifesaving for approval to complete a late proficiency. 

Applications must come from the Club, not the individual.  If the member is a competitor, branch endorsed applications will be forwarded to SLSNSW for consideration.

Typically, approval is only granted to those members who have a valid reason for not completing their proficiency prior to the deadline.